1. n
1) подход, метод
2) pl подступы

to adopt an approach — вырабатывать подход

to champion an approach — выступать за какой-л. подход

to change one's approach — изменять свой подход

to demand a separate approach — требовать особого подхода

to develop an approach — разрабатывать подход

to find a new approach to old problems — находить новый подход к решению старых проблем

to formulate a new approach — формулировать новый подход

to make an approach — вступать в контакт, завязывать отношения

to modify smb's approach to smth — изменять чей-л. подход к чему-л.

to practice an individual approach to smb — практиковать индивидуальный подход к кому-л.

to show a reasonable approach — проявлять разумный подход

to soften one's approach to smth — смягчать свой подход к чему-л.

to take an approach — придерживаться какого-л. подхода, применять какой-л. метод

to use an approach — использовать метод

- all-inclusive approach
- alternative approach
- approach to a problem
- approach to policy making
- balanced approach
- biased approach
- blanket approach
- bureaucratic approach
- businesslike approach
- carrot-and-stick approach
- case-by-case approach
- cautious approach
- class approach
- coherent approach
- combined approach
- common approach
- comprehensive approach
- concerted approach
- conciliatory approach
- concrete approach
- conscious approach
- consensual approach
- constructive approach
- coordinated approach
- creative approach
- critical approach
- democratic approach
- departmental approach
- dialectical approach
- diplomatic approach
- divide-and-rule approach
- dynamic approach
- economic approach
- effective approach
- environmentally sound approach
- equitable approach
- even-handed approach
- flexible approach
- forecasting approach
- formalist approach
- forthright approach
- fresh approach
- fuzzy approach
- general approach
- global approach
- gradualist approach
- hard-line approach
- heavy-handed approach
- historical approach
- holistic approach
- impartial approach
- incremental approach
- individual approach
- informal approach
- integrated approach
- interdisciplinary approach
- kid-glove approach
- liberalized approach
- lop-sided approach
- low-keyed approach
- metaphysical approach
- multilateral approach
- multipronged approach
- new approach
- nonrealistic approach
- nonviolent approach
- on the approaches to a city
- one-sided approach
- open approach
- overall approach
- package approach
- partial approach
- personal approach
- petty-minded approach
- phased approach
- piecemeal approach
- pluralistic approach
- politically effective approach
- positive approach
- practical approach
- pragmatic approach
- principled approach
- priority approach
- proper approach
- rational approach
- realistic approach
- rethink of smb's approach to smth
- revolutionary approach
- rigid approach
- scholarly approach
- scholastic approach
- scientific approach
- sectorial approach
- separate approach
- simplified approach
- soft approach
- softly-softly approach
- stage-by-stage approach
- statistical approach
- step-by-step approach
- theoretical approach
- tolerant approach
- tough approach
- traditional approach
- umbrella approach
- unbiased approach
- unified approach
- uniform approach
- unofficial approach
- unrealistic approach
- unscientific approach
- utilitarian approach
- wait-and-see approach
2. v
обращаться (к кому-л. с просьбой, предложением); вступать в контакт; вступать в переговоры

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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